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Activ8 IT Pty Ltd - PeopleSoft Solutions
Activ8 IT Pty Ltd
About Activ8 IT

Activ8 IT Pty Ltd is an Australian owned it company specialising primarily in PeopleSoft implementation, support and development.   Activ8 IT also has expertise in application monitoring, performance testing, performance tuning and implementing and managing virtualisation technologies such as the VMWare suite of products.



Activ8 IT was founded in 2006 by Dameon Williamson and Sandro Albertin.   Both Dameon and Sandro were co-founders and directors of JDS Australia Pty Ltd - a successful testing organisation and PeopleSoft consultancy.   In 2006, Dameon and Sandro left JDS and formed Activ8 IT in order to focus primarily on the PeopleSoft consultancy and allow JDS to focus solely on testing.