Possum Plasma Cutting (PPC)

This Hi-Tech computerised metal cutting service is located in Mayfield Street and, is able to cut complex designs out of steel, (up to 25mm thick) stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass etc.

For instance, suppose you are thinking of buying a new style house number as part of your new street scape design. Now, instead of buying some cheap plastic import, PPC can cut your new number from any of over 4000 different fonts, out of stainless steel or, special steel for that rustic weathered effect, to almost any size desired.

The option of powder coating in many colours is also available.
Maybe you have your own idea for a garden ornament or sculpture or, have seen some design in a magazine you think would lift the profile of your home....PPC can assist in the design process and, create something truly unique. PPC also has many designs on file for you to choose from.

PPC also has the ability of being able to convert digital and, conventional photographs and, create something totally unique by way of sillhouette and 3D design. As an example, PPC has in the past, created some amazing steel wall art of classic and vintage automobiles.

Possum Plasma Cutting is also able to accurately cut machine parts, e.g. Got a broken bracket on a Backhoe, Bobcat, Harvester, Crane etc? Possum Plasma Cutting can reproduce parts required and, are able to use almost any design format supplied by customers.

They also carry out steel, aluminium and stainless steel fabrication and, can be contacted on (02) 66723019 or, via email at..... benderart@bigpond.com