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Pronounced: "Tum-Bowl-Gum"
Population:     346

The oldest village on the Tweed, Tumbulgum is situated 10.6 kilometres north of Murwillumbah.

It was settled in the mid 1860s to service the timbergetters and lies at the junction of the Tweed and Rous Rivers.

The rivers were the only means of getting the timber to market.

Originally Tumbulgum was called Tweed Junction; its name changed in 1880 after a  petition from local residents.

Tumbulgum means the meeting place of the waters although some argue it means large or wild fig.

The Tweed River Junction School opened in 1871 and changed its name to Tumbulgum School in 1889.

Today the village is a much sought-after place to live with beautiful riverfront views and a vista to Mt Warning over canefields.

Tumbulgum features a number of cafes and art galleries, a general store and the very popular Tumbulgum Tavern.

Daytrippers from the Tweed and Gold Coast head to Tumbulgum to enjoy its peaceful riverside ambience.